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Our Services:


- Non Genuine and Genuine Spare Parts.


-Pressure Washer Service and Repairs


- Portable generators


- Standby generators


- Fault Diagnosis.


- Service and Maintenance.


- Full Engine Rebuilds.


- Generator Power Checks.


- Capacitors.


- Mufflers/Recoils/Carburetors.


- 12v Charge Leads/Caravan Fly leads.


- 110v/230v round caravan sockets.


- Mower Repairs in Rugby


- Lawnmower parts available in Rugby


And many more spare parts available.

Kranzle Pressure washers service and repairs and Spare Parts in Rugby Warwickshire.


STIHL machinery Service/Repairs and Spare parts in Rugby Warwickshire


Honda engine powered equipment service and repairs and spare parts in Rugby Warwickshire

Opening Hours:​

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

​SATURDAY: 9:00 AM - 5.00 PM

Out of hours please leave message on answer machine, we will respond a.s.a.p.


​All answer machine and e-mail enquiries are responded to​ on a regular basis.

Tel 01788 815698
Mob 07775 952016


Simon Burchmore (Owner)

Burchmore Services was created by Simon Burchmore, who has gained over 15 years of experience supplying parts, servicing and repairing  generators and engines within the industrial machinery, engine and power equipment industry. We have built a good knowledge of all aspects of engines, generators and machinery. Fully understanding customers needs in the busy day to day operations in business and domestic life.


Situated in Rugby Warwickshire, we can offer quality non-genuine spare parts from leading manufacturers to enable engine, generators and machine rebuilds to be completed on a budget. Genuine spare parts are also available for the customer who requires to keep their machines totally original.


We aim to supply a solution from a machine break down, spare part or a new product.


We can diagnose faults and quote to enable the customer to make a decision on a viable repair or replacement machine or engine.


Burchmore Services are a genuine and caring business situated in Rugby Warwickshire. Valuing our customers highly, we want them to benefit from our many years of experience within the industrial engine, generator, construction machinery and lawn/garden industries, whether it be a spare part, L.P.G gas conversion machine fault/engine rebuild or just to purchase a new product. We endeavor to give you our full attention and respond to your requirements with the utmost of importance, if we cannot help we will let you know, but we will do our best! If your machine or engine is out of production we will still try and find a solution to keep you going.  

We service and repair all Stihl machines in Rugby and surrounding areas, call now for all your


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